Chess Tournament

Third Saturday Djenovici, Montenegro – GM-IM tournaments-programme for 2018 year

Third Saturday Djenovici, Montenegro – programme for 2017/2018 year
monthly chess tournament series GM-IM-section
for IGM, IM titles and ELO rating
Organizer: FM Goran Tomic
Mobile: +382 67 301 030
Tournament type GM group – 2381-2450 ELO IM group 2231-2300 ELO
Number of rounds minimally  9, maximally  11 games in each groups
 Starting dates 2018 year: 
21 April, 19 May,
20 October
17 November
15 December
Time control For 9 rounds tournament -90-90 min for 40 moves, after that 30 min till the end, after all move 30 sec increments
For 10 or 11 rounds tournament – 90-90 minutes till the end of the game, with 30 seconds increments
60 minutes late allowed maximally.
Venue Hotel Milena (Fanfani) 3*** Djenovici, Herceg Novi, Montenegro



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