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Chess tournaments “Third Saturday” start on the third Saturday in the month (from October till May). Twenty five tournaments, 6 GM (grandmasters tournaments, for GM and IM norms), 11 IM (international masters tournaments for IM norms) and 8 FIDE masters tournaments (for ELO rating), were held in Djenovici from October 2017 till May 2019!

The tournaments “Third Saturday” (IM round robin closed tournament with 3 IMs, and GM Swiss pairings semi-closed tournament, 14 players, 4 GMs and 10 norm seekers) are suitable for players who want to achieve ELO -rating points or /and GM and IM norms.

So, in total on Third Saturday-Djenovici tournaments, from October 2017 till May 2019, the players achieved 4 GM norms, 12 IM norms and 2 WIM norms (and 2 players won rating 2300+, needed for FM title ).

9 days -9 rounds!

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Official facebook page:

A video about GM, IM and FM chess tournaments Third Saturday -Djenovici -Montenegro on  YOUTUBE:

Djenovici is a coastal village that is interesting in winter and summer.

Two major airports in Tivat and Dubrovnik, are located very near Herceg Novi. Tivat: 22 km, Dubrovnik (Cilipi): 32 km.

The chess players can come also on Podgorica airport, and after that to Herceg Novi (Djenovici) by bus or by car. We can organize that transfer.

If there are not enough players, norm seekers, or invited players, for the tournament, the organizer could cancel the tournament or change the form of the tournament or number of players!

In such case, if there are no enough players, norm seekers for GM or IM tournament the organizer could offer all players to play on SEMI-CLOSED TOURNAMENT with all participants (Swiss tournament, 9 rounds)

When the organizer  cancel the tournament, the organizer doesn’t pay penalty to the players as they also do not pay penalty when they cancel.

The tournament is a common risk between the organizer and the players.


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