General information


Official accommodation in Hotel “FIAMMANTI” (DOO Marić Company)

Hotel “FIAMMANTI” Djenovici

Hotel Fiammanti is located in the widdle of small place Djenovici. Its unique beauty and exceptionally wild climate is a real gift for modern tourists from all the parts of the world. Its climate favours the growth of the various kinds Of the Mediterranean vegetation. There is a famous holiday about Mimosa flower which takes place in February.

Hotel Fiammanti exists as a part of Maric Company which was founded by Maric family 20 years ago, in Djenovic.

They started their business with small caffe named “Bambi”. Thrugh many years of hard working by all the members of the family, they created high – quality brand in tourism.

Today Maric Company owns hotel and restaurant with wonderful sandy beach.










The price for the accommodation:
Bed & breakfast 20 € per person (room with two beds)
Bed & breakfast 26 € (single room)
Half board 25 € per person (room with two beds)
Full board 30 € per person (room with two beds)
Half board 31 € (single room)
Full board 36 € (single room)




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